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Influence of Earthquake in Pacific coast of Tohoku.


NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. would like to inform of influence about earthquake in North-Eastern Japan on March 11th, 2011.

NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. is making the best effort to recover Akita Plant operation, Today, We have started the production partially. We would appreciate customer's understanding and cooperation.

The status as of March 23, 2011 is following.

Harm to Employees No dead/injury at both Head-Quarter (Kawasaki city) and Akita Plant (Akita city) is reported.
Damage to Buildings No critical damage is reported.
Influence to Production Equipment Under investigation (Investigation for each equipment is planned to start after recovery of electricity from the power company.)
Operational Status Temporally stopped due to limited electricity from the power company and gas, etc, but module process of production has started partially.
Status of Delivery In-transit shipment has started again.
Logistics is also in difficult situation because of the high priority for the transportation to disaster area on each road and very limited fuel for trucks.

Note: Information will be updated timely