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Tianma Japan Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information

We believe that we have a social responsibility to protect your personally identifiable information ("Personal Information"), and have therefore implemented the following policies.

In order to appropriately handle your Personal information, we will train our staff on how to handle Personal Information and assign a manager in each department that handles Personal Information in each department.

We will make every effort to prevent unauthorized access to the Personal Information stored in our automated management system, or the loss, alteration or leakage of this Personal Information by implementing reasonable technological countermeasures.

We will only use the Personal Information you provide for legitimate purposes such as to meet our responsibilities in a contract made with you, to develop better products and services, or to supply you with useful information.

Unless there is a legitimate reason, we will not share the Personal Information you provide with a third party other than Tianma Japan subsidiaries or entities that provide services to or are subcontracted by Tianma Japan, or entities that have inherited business from Tianma Japan or Tianma Japan subsidiaries.

When we ask you for Personal Information, we will, in general, inform you of the purpose of collecting the Personal Information, the third parties with whom the Personal Information will be shared, and details of who you can contact with inquiries regarding the Personal Information to be provided.