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Showcase at SID Display Week 2017


NLT Technologies will showcase the latest display technologies at Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week 2017, May 23-25, in Los Angeles, California, USA in booth 1005.

NLT Technologies will demonstrate our latest displays and technologies, including new outdoor viewable models, high-end models with wide viewing angle technology "Super Fine TFT(SFT)", prototype of new 3D demo system with high density auto-stereoscopic technology "HxDP", PCAP wet & glove models, and new LCD modules designed and optimized for a variety of industrial applications.


NLT Technologies will continue to enhance its product line-up that meets various operating conditions with wide ranges of display sizes and resolutions so as to meet the various demands of customers.

High density 3D display technology "HxDP" applied new demo system
Tactile display
PCAP family
Professional models for medical use
Ultra-high luminance models

11.3-inch super wide model with high color gamut, thin and narrow frame
...And more.


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