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Green Procurement

To achieve 100% green procurement

Green procurement means giving priority to materials with lower environmental impact in order to expand the market of green products, promote the development of environmentally conscious products, and raise environmental awareness among designers and developers. In this way we can contribute to creating a recycling-oriented society.
Our first step is developing green procurement criteria based on the concept of procurement of low-impact materials from environmentally conscious suppliers. To recognize green suppliers and materials, we began a "green certification" system in FY 2002. We continue to make 100% of our purchases from green certified suppliers.

TMJ's Green Procurement Policy

NLT's Green Procurement Policy

"Common Purchase Specifications for Green Procurement" issued to suppliers

To achieve green procurement target, we provided a list of environmental substances restricted by Tianma Japan in our "Common Purchase Specifications for Green Procurement" and distributed these specifications to our materials suppliers.