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Basic policy

TMJ is committed to procuring all goods and services with competitive quality, price, and delivery conditions from the global supply market under fair business terms while observing all laws and regulations, so that TMJ will contribute to provide customer-valued products and services. Such procurement activities are based on both The Charter of Corporate Behavior and The Code of Conduct of TMJ.

TMJ will promote CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities including human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption and other social responsibility with the cooperation of its supply-chain partners.

Providing Fair Competition

TMJ ensures fair business competition to all supply-chain partners who wish to take part in business deals.

Evaluating and Selecting Supply-Chain Partners in a Fair Manner

TMJ evaluates and selects supply-chain partners in a fair manner after a comprehensive review of management reliability, price, quality, delivery, technological capability, corporate social responsibility, business continuity and company sustainability.

Cultivating Mutual Growth

TMJ regards communication with supply-chain partners as important and endeavor to build up a Win-Win relationship based on trust so as to cultivate lasting mutual growth.

Protecting Confidential Information

TMJ is fully aware of the value of the information obtained from supply-chain partners through its business deals and will carefully manage and protect it.

Fair Trading and Equal Relationship

TMJ will practices honest trading, observing relevant laws and regulations, under an equal and fair relationship with every supply-chain partner.

Prohibiting Abuse of a Superior Position

TMJ will not practice unfair trading such as affecting a disadvantage due to an abuse of the superior position.

Sincere Trading Manner

TMJ will not pursue personal advantages such as unfair personal profit and/or benefit, in relation with procurement and service activities.


TMJ operates and maintains a complaint window called Helpline for supply-chain partners. TMJ emphasizes that the complainant will never receive disadvantageous treatment due to the consultation.

Helpline Contact:
Legal Department

Procurement Department        TEL:+81-18-829-0026