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NEC LCD Technologies Develops E-paper
Enabling Large Screen Displays with Multi-tiling

For immediate use October 27, 2008
NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd.

Tokyo, October 27, 2008 ---NEC LCD Technologies today announced the successful development of multiple sizes (A3 and A4 equivalent) of electronic paper (e-paper) modules using the microcapsule electrophoresis system (note 1).

The new e-paper modules boast higher visibility and gradation when compared to general newspapers, and leverage NEC LCD Technologies’ experience and proprietary advancements with TFT active matrix to secure 16 step grayscale, white reflectivity of 43% and a contrast ratio of 10:1. Additionally, e-paper modules can be used to form large screen displays by combining up to eight modules, which incorporate the company’s original multi-tiling controller. The A3 e-paper module is composed of especially narrow frames, with two sides measuring just 1mm, which enables the creation of large screens that feature effective multi-tiling.

E-paper’s display utilizes reflected light and paper to produce wide viewing angles, provide high visibility under direct sunlight and reduce strain on the eyes of viewers. Moreover, e-paper minimizes electricity needs by maintaining display information without using power, and requires only low power to perform screen rewriting. Furthermore, thanks to its slim design and light weight, e-paper is subject to few location restrictions and is ideal for portable equipment. In recent years, due to these exceptional features, expectations for e-paper as a next generation display device have been rapidly increasing in both the consumer and industrial fields.

NEC LCD Technologies recognized the potential of e-paper from an early stage and has long promoted the development, design and fabrication of its various prototypes, in addition to considering a wide variety of marketing and technical aspects. A3 and A4 modules have drawn particular attention due to consumer’s existing daily use of similarly sized paper.

NEC LCD Technologies will continue to promote research and development of e-paper modules with an aim for large-scale production of new applications that address a wide range of uses spanning many different fields.

Both new e-paper modules will be showcased in NEC LCD Technologies’ booth #4801 at “FPD International 2008,” which is being held from October 29 to 31 in Pacifico Yokohama, Japan.

Main specifications of the e-paper modules can be found in the attachments.
- Main specifications of the new A3 e-paper model
- Main specifications of the new A4 e-paper model

Note1: Electrophoresis system developed by E Ink Corporation (USA). The system contains white pigment particles electrified with positive electrodes, and black pigment particles electrified with negative electrodes. Each pigment particle is contained in a clear microcapsule that is moved by applying voltage, which thereby creates a visible display. The prototype uses E Ink's "Vizplex Imaging Film."

The press release and other information in this file may be out of date on observation.