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Adaptive Design Technology
Responding to customer requests in detail

Unlike the LCDs used in consumer-oriented products such as household televisions and computer monitors, the LCDs built into various industrial equipment must adapt to a rapidly expanding list of specifications.
Adaptive design technology, the 4th core technology of Tianma Japan, fulfills the requests of customers from various industries in a detailed manner by fusing the cutting-edge technologies with technological know-how accumulated over many years.
In contrast to SFT, EVT and VIT technologies as panel technologies designed to improve LCD panel performance, adaptive design technology is module technology that increases the completeness of LCDs as a total package by integrating backlight systems, peripheral circuits and mechanism design.
Adaptive design technology is applied to every product in the Tianma Japan lineup.

Adaptive Design Technology

SFT, EVT and VIT are abbreviations, respectively, for Super Fine TFT, Enhanced View TFT and Value Integrated TFT.