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Adaptive Design Technology
Optimal solutions that meet customer needs

The specifications sought in various industrial equipment LCDs relate to more than display performance. Industrial LCDs must meet a wide variety of detailed requirements in terms of module size, temperature attributes, interface, power consumption and other factors in accordance with various conditions, such as application, usage environment and other circumstances unique to the piece of equipment.
Take industrial equipment designed and built for long-term production as an example. In applications like these, Tianma Japan facilitates smooth, ongoing performance by maintaining product interface and mounting compatibility - for quick, easy replacement and upgrading of our latest high-quality, high-performance LCDs.
On the other hand, for applications where a more compact and energy-saving design is required, progress has been made in developments related to lightweight, energy-saving products with a narrow frame and slim body. Recently, we have also been promoting a lineup of wide-format products to meet needs for displaying more information in a limited amount of space, as well as for displaying digital moving images. We are also in the process of expanding the operating temperature range so that our equipment can be used in more diverse environments.
The product lineup of Tianma Japan provides “optimal” solutions that meet diverse customer needs.