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Adaptive Design Technology
Image reproduction approaching “the original”

We believe that high LCD image quality means precise on-screen image reproduction of the original subject or object. To achieve precise image reproduction, the LCD module as a total package with optimally combined LCD panel, backlight system and peripheral circuitry is important.
Two absolute essentials in reproducing richly colored natural images are wide color reproduction range and smooth gray scale reproduction. Both are Tianma Japan specialties - precisely why our LCDs feature the same wide color reproduction range as sRGB(*1). The key is finding the optimum combination of color filters and backlight systems based on the kind of high transmissivity only our SFT technology can offer. We also feature products that support Adobe(R) RGB’s(*2) wide color gamut.
A multi-bit driver, customizable internal LUT(*3) and other advanced components are the keys to high color separation and smooth gray scale reproduction using this wide color gamut. Such cutting-edge quality ensures optimum reproduction of any and all images down to the finest details - from the delicate nuances of natural tones to the subtle gradation changes of medical imaging data.

(*1) sRGB: International standards on color space established by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).
(*2) “Adobe” is a registered trademark or trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
(*3) LUT: Look Up Table

SFT is an abbreviation for Super Fine TFT.