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Super Fine TFT Technology
Consistent high luminance and high definition

As the demand for LCDs spreads to new and different applications, user needs grow more diversified and sophisticated. In healthcare, for instance, a new generation of doctors is turning to IT in their efforts to make more informed, accurate diagnoses. With this new trend, the role of digital displays has become more pivotal than ever in medical applications - with increasing demand for higher image reproduction.

To realize the high 3 megapixel-plus definition and smooth, precise gray scale characteristics demanded by applications for reading chest X-rays and mammograms, a luminant dynamic range and gamma characteristics independent of viewing angle are absolute prerequisites. Tianma Japan addresses the exacting demands of these and other medical applications by offering ultra-high definition without sacrificing high luminance, thanks to the clear visibility of SFT technology.

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SFT is an abbreviation for Super Fine TFT.