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High Density 3D Display Technology

Multi-view, High density, Auto-stereoscopic

HxDP® Horizontally x times Density Pixels

HxDP is a unique 3D display technology, developed by Tianma Japan, that achieves high-quality 3D viewing without the use of special glasses. Furthermore, HxDP is a multi-viewable auto-stereoscopic display technology that uses a unique pixel alignment to achieve crisp high density 3D images.

Horizontally aligned pixels achieve high image quality

With this technology, pixels are distributed horizontally and divided in plural number(x) as perceptible data for right eye and left eye. As a result, it is possible to provide excellent 3D images without decreasing the resolution.

3D/2D displayed simultaneously

Another significant feature of HxDP technology is its capability to display 3D and 2D images simultaneously on the same screen. With HxDP, more flexible image construction can be achieved because brilliant 3D images and 2D images are displayed simultaneously on the same screen by changing the image-data input.

Note: Tianma Japan introduced their proprietary HxDP technology at SID2011

mage of 3D/2D display with HxDP Number of view and viewing space